You have one objective: Blow up as much stuff as possible.

In Lyst Ignition, mix matter to create powerful explosions. Or combine the same colors to compact basic matter for larger combos and greater point gains. But move fast. The clock is always ticking and an Ignition zone is waiting for you to slip up just to ruin your day.

You'll have a few tools at your disposal. Catalysts can be utilized to create larger explosions, persistent vacuums, or even freeze matter in place, giving you a handful of strategic options for generating the most destruction possible. Use powerups like Razor to create additional matter, or deploy Mine which detonates automatically. And setting an explosive chain reaction is only a tap away.

Earn beakers over time to invest in powerful experiments to further enhance your performance. Each tier offers a unique choice. Will you take Byproduct to produce critical matter after an explosion or choose Void Pulse to slowly attract matter instead?

Lyst Ignition will test both your dexterity and your on-the-fly decision making. You're up to the challenge. It's time to move past traditional match-three gameplay and start mixing volatile chemicals instead.

It's like chemistry, without setting your hair on fire.